“I’m not interested in savings.”

So no one has ever said that — but if they did, they haven’t heard of HP’s newest lineup of affordable, high-speed Laserjet mono (black-and-white) printers and multifunctions now here at Printzone!

By choosing any of the following Laserjet models — 

— you’ll experience across the board savings both inside and outside your wallet.

Save… time.

A precious commodity, and the last place you want to expend too much of it is in the set up of your printer. HP’s Laserjet Pro printers and multifunctions are “out-of-the-box”-ready and adaptable to a wide range of environments  — just select the model that’s right for you! Here are a few recommendations from our experts at Printzone:

  • Students: homework assessments and writing projects are your main prints; choose the M404dw wireless printer for fast, economical printing — and its crisp, smudge-proof rendering of text is a boon when highlighting.
  • Home: your printing needs are likely a bit more diverse than the student’s, and there may be more users; choosing the M428FDW wireless multifunction allows for faxing and scanning, and, via WiFi, print jobs can be sent to the printer from any device in any room. 
  • Small business: you’ll need a robust central printing hub that connects with all employee devices, but consider the number of devices on your network. For less devices, a wireless printer or multifunction is a better choice — go with the M404dw or M428FDW. For more devices, you’ll want a sturdier connection, and wired connections provide greater data security — choose the M404dn or M428FDN for sharing files securely via Ethernet. 

Save… energy and paper.

HP designed these compact Laserjet printers and multifunctions to utilise almost a quarter less energy, so you can reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying the efficiency of a more power-hungry machine. Another environmentally-friendly bonus? All print on both sides of the page by default, so you’ll automatically cut paper waste by half.

Save… money.

Purchase your HP Laserjet Pro printer or multifunction at Printzone, and keep up to 52% more dollars in your pocket compared to buying elsewhere. (You’ll find similar discounts for the genuine HP security-enabled, high-yield toner cartridges that go with these machines.)

Interested in saving on your mono prints? Check these out today!

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