Some people like all-in-ones. You know, multifunction centres, or printers with additional functions like scanning, copying, faxing and/or coffee making (just kidding about the coffee making).

The best advantages with these is that they take up less room than 3 or 4 machines, and also they are way cheaper than buying each machine separately. Naturally, while cramming everything into one machine the manufacturers have to compromise on the quality of each component, but then again if you are thinking of buying an all-in-one you will, for example, should only be using the scanner infrequently. Or, if you need to do dozens of copies a day you will find these all-in-ones way too slow (and you will use a lot of ink!).

If you don’t mind the limitations of all-in-ones or multifunctions, they are cheap to buy, economical to run (if used wisely – see ink and toner saving tips), and don’t take up much room at all.

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