We are all familiar with Canon printers, and probably the best known is the Pixma series, famous for their low cost and easy availability of replacement ink.

Canon is much more than this though, they have a wide range of printers apart from the home models – from Pixma PRO printers aimed at serious photographers, to laser printers directed at small to medium businesses, to production printers aimed at large corporations for personalised mailouts. This is not an exhaustive list by any means.

One segment that Canon has excelled at is wide format printing. Wide format printers are large printers which print on wide paper to produce posters, art prints, point of sale materials, banners and the like – anything big! While Canon made several attempts at smaller wide format printers earlier, it was the release of the imagePROGRAPH series in 2006 which really set them on the road to large format success. With printers that print up to 60 inches wide (152 cm), and using up to 11 colour inks, Canon could boast the ability to print a huge range of wide format materials.

Canon imagePROGRAF IPF9000s

Canon imagePROGRAF IPF9000s Wide Format Printer

While Canon uses pigment ink in photo and art printers for superior longevity and resistance to fading, they also supply for most of these printers a dye based black ink which produces darker blacks on glossy media.

The plotter series of imagePROGRAF machines use the inverse – mainly dye based inks to produce crisp, clear lines (because plotters are usually used for architectural drawings), with an additional pigment based black to produce blacker blacks on matte paper.

If you are thinking of buying a Canon imagePROGRAF printer, we suggest you check out this resource –  Canon ipf series wiki – which has a wealth of information to help you decide just which Canon wide format printer would be right for your needs. It also has trouble shooting tips and excellent advice for owners. Canon’s official imagePROGRAF page is here.

If you already own one, congratulations on buying an excellent printer. We have the full range of Canon imagePROGRAF inks available for fast delivery Australia wide.

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