While most people know Printzone for our vast experience in home and office printers and supplies, that’s not all we have. We also stock many specialty products, one category being Canon wide format printers, cartridges, and media.

Canon large format printers aren’t restricted to printing posters– they can be used to output fine art and photography prints, graphic art, office documents, technical drawings, and can also be used for proofing. The desired output is created with a combination of three things:

  • The model of printer;
  • The selected media; and
  • The inks you use.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670

There are various models available, starting with 5 ink, 24-inch wide (A2) devices and going all the way up to 12 ink, 60-inch wide ( double bond) devices. The more inks a printer takes, the more capable it is of producing finer gradations of colour for true to life output.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400

The range of media available for Canon large format printers is mind boggling, and whatever you may want to print there is a paper or substrate available. The range includes:

  • Matte, glossy and ultra glossy paper;
  • Canvas;
  • Satin;
  • Polyweave (a printable textile);
  • Tyvek (tear resistant and flexible media); and
  • Self-adhesive vinyl.

Canon media is available in many different formats.

All are available in varying thicknesses, depending on your budget and the results you desire, and come in rolls from 20-100 metres (depending on the product) at specific widths to suit each printer. Loading paper rolls into each printer is simple, and many of Canon’s wide format printers are able to hold two rolls at the same time and use them interchangeably. Whether you need to produce simple posters or weatherproof banners to wrap around a building, there is a Canon large format printer, media, and inks to suit.

There are quite a range of industries which can take advantage of the capabilities of these printers. Some examples are:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Print for Pay
  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
  • Mapping
  • Professional Photographers  and Artists
  • Retailers

In terms of productivity and usefulness, Canon large format printers pay for themselves quickly. They are a sure fire way to produce superb big prints directly from your computer.

There is more from Canon though. Recently they introduced their large format MFPs, which not only print in wide format, but also scan in wide format. This is an incredibly useful feature, scanning that previously had to be outsourced to a bureau can now be done in-house. The time saving alone will add to your bottom line.

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770MFP L36 allows you to print and scan at the same time.

If you would like to have a no obligation chat about our range of Canon large format printers, give us a call on 1300 782 636. Whether this is your first experience with wide format printers or you want to replace your aging device (whether Canon or another brand) we can help you out. For a rough idea on prices on our large format products, there are some links below.

Canon Large Format Printers

Canon Large Format Ink

Canon Large Format Media

Canon Large Format Printheads

Canon Large Format Maintenance Cartridges

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