Educators can now “ace” their boldest, biggest prints by shopping Epson’s newest line of school-ready, wide-format printers at Printzone!

Epson T5160 36″ Printer

When it comes to school, it’s all about being smart. That’s how we knew the 36” T5160 and the 24” T3160 of Epson’s SureColor T-Series wide-format printers would adapt perfectly to any education setting — kind of like the brightest kids in the room.

Here’s how these printers are A+ choices.

Ditch the print shop, save money!

 Epson, a world leader in educational imaging devices, wanted to save schools the hassle and extra expense of outsourcing their wide-format printouts. Their smart solution was creating affordable and easy-to-use printers that give full colour and black-and-white professional quality prints up to 0.9 meters wide x 100 meters long — no print shop need apply.

With our Epson wide-format printers, all of the large, colourful prints that schools utilise everyday —

Epson T3160 24″ Printer

  • Classroom materials (e.g., inforgraphics, maps, charts, presentations)
  • General school information and announcement posters
  • Event banners
  • Team-spirit signage
  • Theatre backdrops
  • School newspapers
  • Student artwork (…and much more)

— can now be printed instantly without leaving campus and at a fraction of print shop prices, starting at just $1445. (Similar wide-format printers can be as much as $10K.)

And speaking of affordability, the T5160 and T3160 boast other cost-saving features, like individually replaceable ink cartridges (no need to buy an entire ink set if one dries up) and being low in power consumption. They also multitask, handling simple text-based prints on size A4 paper or connecting to WiFi to act as a school office’s printing and — with optional scanner — scanning hub.

One-stop, smart shop at Printzone

 Choosing an Epson SureColor T-Series wide-format printer for your school is easy when shopping at Printzone. We offer:

  • All the consumables you’ll need for your T5160 or T3160 printer
  • Optional stands already included in the price
  • Discounts off RRP, starting at 15% below retail
  • We also welcome Education Department purchase orders!

And let’s not forget our excellent customer service and vast Printer Knowledge. 🙂

For more info on how Epson printers can be right for your school, contact Printzone’s wide-format experts today!

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