A customer called us last week to find out if we could take a look at their old Canon Laser Fax Machine. It’s a beautiful machine, probably cost about $5,000 when it was new about 15 years ago, but they were having problems with all received pages not being printed as well as toner being dropped all over the page.

The toner was an easy problem to fix – the wiper blade in the cartridge had aged and just wasn’t working – but before they forked out for a new toner it would be better to fix the receiving problem first. Suggested they install a new phone cord from the wall to the machine , but that wasn’t it.

They called Canon’s tech department who basically said it was probably the main board but the machine was too old to fix as they didn’t carry the parts anymore. The upshot is, the customer needs a new fax machine, and it will probably costs just a tenth of the price of their old one! If you have an old fax machine that needs repairing, check and make sure it can still be fixed.

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