Standard toners won’t cut it when certain prints, like cheques and vouchers, need to be absolutely legitimate. To curb criminals, banks and companies have turned to “fraud-proofing” their sensitive documents with a special printing technique called MICR.

What is MICR?

 MICR stands for “magnetic ink character recognition”.

 A common form of MICR technology at work are the oddly-shaped numbers at the bottom of cheques. When those numbers, written in a special MICR font, are printed in iron-containing MICR toner, they become magnetic. That magnetism — not present in standard toners — then serves as a definite signal to a MICR reading device that the cheque is authentic.

 MICR technology has four chief components: 

  1. Software to generate a MICR font or digital signature;
  2. Magnetic toners (and/or inks) to print the fonts or signatures in;
  3. Special paper on which to bear the newly magnetic codes; and
  4. MICR printers to produce the final, uniquely fraud-resistant document.

 What can MICR toner do for you?

A MICR reading device validates a document solely by the presence and strength of its magnetism — apparent MICR codes printed in standard toner will fail in one. Documents printed in MICR toner are therefore provided extra protection against scammers.

Of the four components listed above, using the right MICR toner is key.

That’s why Printzone sells genuine MICR toners from Troy Security Solutions.

Troy leads in the development, manufacture, and distribution of the highest quality toners in the MICR technology industry. Formulated to give the strongest magnetic signal, using Troy MICR toners for your documents can

  • speed up authentication processes,
  • prevent additional fees due to cheque or voucher rejections, and
  • indemnify banks and companies against losses.

Using a MICR printer is another facet of document security. To protect your MICR printer’s warranty, it’s recommended to only use OEM MICR toners. Troy MICR toners are the only ones authorised for use by HP in their MICR printers.

Printzone offers a wide range of MICR toners from Troy — all up to 10% off retail price and fully backed by both Troy and HP.

For more information on choosing the right Troy MICR toner, contact Printzone today!