Do you have an Epson ink printer? Did you know you may be eligible for a $25 refund check and a $20 credit at the Epson store, or a $45 credit at the Epson store? Recently Epson agreed to settle a class action suit brought in the Los Angeles Superior Court. The suit alleged that Epson was short changing customers as the printer software said the cartridges were empty and needed replacing when in fact they still had a substantial amount of ink in them.

Epson has denied all wrongdoing and rejects the claims, however to avoid a costly and lengthy lawsuit Epson have agreed to settle out of court. If you bought or leased one of the qualifying printers between April 8, 1999 and May 8, 2006, bought genuine Epson ink cartridges in that time, and are a citizen of the US (or a corporation etc), you are entitled to the refund/credit. I think just about every Epson ink printer is included but you can go to the claim page and see if your printer is listed and fill out the claim form.

The full details of the settlement can be found here.

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