One of the easiest ways to make your ink or toner cartridge print more is to use draft mode for printing.

Draft printing is suitable for non-essential or not so important printouts. The quality of draft mode printouts vary between printers – some look not that different to normal mode while others are either very dotty or quite faint.

Some of our customers get double the number of pages out of a cartridge using draft mode! The printer I use at home, a Samsung SLC460FW, is set on ‘light’ mode and the prints come out just as well as in ‘normal’ mode (i.e. indistinguishable unless you use a loupe).

To set your printer on ‘light’, ‘draft’, ‘toner saver’ or ‘ink saver’, check the options on your printer driver, or, if your printer has a console menu you may find it there. If in doubt, do a Google search with your printer name & the words ‘draft mode’.

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