Gorgeous photography deserves much more than Instagram.

At Printzone, we want to help photographers’ work shine. That’s why we offer a variety of photo printers — from smaller, desktop-friendly ones to massive, wide-format models — so those pretty pictures can sparkle off the Web in a frame or on a gallery wall, and at any size.

For A3 prints, our top-selling photo printer is Canon’s PIXMA Pro100S. Canon crafted this photographer favourite to ensure photo artists both increased productivity and seamless integration with the Adobe Photoshop family of software.

An added bonus? Buying the PIXMA Pro100S at Printzone saves you 20% off retail!

A little more on this neat printer:

Flawless skin tones, dramatic black-and-whites

The PIXMA Pro100S printer’s standout feature is how it handles colour — each image is guaranteed to look as good in the final print as it did on your computer screen. Here’s how Canon did it:

  • Special monochrome inks: Of the 8 total colours packed in the PIXMA’s ink tanks, it’s the new light grey, grey, and black inks that do all the colour “hard work”, expanding the colour reproduction spectrum to create richer, more saturated hues.
  • OIG System: A technical name for great-looking images generated in the final print. Count on enhanced colour accuracy, naturalistic tonal gradations (especially important in portraits), and uniform glossiness.
  • FINE Technology: Microscopic ink nozzles drop ink at 4800dpi for precise, detailed photo reproductions.

Special paper options

It’s our top A3 printer, but the PIXMA Pro100S also prints up to A3+, that special intermediate paper size between A3 and A2. It comes in at 32.9 x 48.3 cm (approximately 13 x 19 in), and every bit of that paper real estate is covered using the PIXMA’s Borderless Printing. The result? A readable, wall-ready photo for a bedroom or living space.

 And it’s fast: expect your A3+ printout within 90 seconds.

 Built-in Wireless

The WiFi-capable PIXMA Pro100S is comfortable being a multi-user printing hub in a home, studio, or educational setting. If your mobile devices use Google CloudPrint or Apple AirPrint, the PIXMA syncs your photos for printing with its CloudLink Technology — no computer required.

 Ready for an offline photo showcase? Explore Canon’s excellent PIXMA Pro100S at Printzone!

Don’t forget too, we have all the supplies you need too – Canon PIXMA PRO100S inks

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