Had an interesting phone call from a customer today who was looking for a black cartridge for her HP Business Inkjet 1200. It was a bit confusing at first as she said she had been in contact with HP, who had told her that the cartridges for this machine had been discontinued. I was quite surprised as these are a fairly new machine.

When I looked up the cartridges she required were the No. 11 black printhead and the No. 10 black ink cartridge. I told the customer that she needed a printhead and an ink cartridge, but she told me that was incorrect, as the cartridge she was holding in her hand (which she had taken out of the machine) was an all-in-one ink and printhead.

It turns out that the cartridge that came with the machine when new was a C4840A cartridge. This is indeed a combined printhead/ink cartridge. The combined cartridge is a ‘starter’ cartridge, and holds only 26.5ml of ink. The No. 10 replacement cartridge holds 69ml of ink – quite a difference!

This is just part of the trend of manufacturers to include only low capacity ‘starter’ cartridges with their machines when new. It’s a great way for the manufacturers to get printers to us cheaper, but as this customers confusion showed, it should be made clear that they are only ‘starter’ cartridges and a different code number should be used for re-ordering supplies.

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