What a nightmare these cartridges have been. We have been waiting for 3 months for a delivery from IBM for these. They are not to be found anywhere in Australia, apart from 5 we received from one of our partner companies yesterday (we only have 2 left!). I feel so sorry for people who have these printers, unless you can get cartridges you can’t use your printer! Of course, these aren’t the only ones in short supply. Waste toner bottles for the Samsung CLP500 printer? Forget it. Retailers (including us) waited 2 months for delivery from Samsung and what they supplied barely covered the backorders from customers, and now we are waiting for more. Panasonic toners for the KX-CL500 are just impossible to get. We have customers calling us and nearly begging us for these cartridges. Why can’t the companies get the supply right? We don’t know! If we call the company and ask, nobody at their Head Offices know what’s going on either! Obviously some companies need a long hard critical look at their supply chains.