If you need a laser printer, have you thought about buying second hand? Some great examples of second hand printers are HP Laserjets like the 4 series (4, 4+, 4M, 4M+) and the Laserjet 2200 and 4000 series. A lot of these printers have been treated very kindly, usually in a quiet corporate environment.

Make sure when buying that the printer you choose has a low page count. Typically under 30,000 pages is fine. If you can find out what environment it was kept in. Avoid printers which have been used in the locality of humid and seaside areas. Check and make sure a toner cartridge comes with the printer and how full it is. If there isn’t one or it is nearly empty, do some research on how much a replacement cartridge will cost and balance that against the cost of the machine.

As these printers are usually over 20kg, Australia Post will not transport them so make sure you get a firm shipping quote from the seller before you agree to buy. You have to make sure that the seller packs the printer very well with good packing so it is not damaged in transit – pay a little extra for this if you have to. Make sure the printer is insured.

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