We are often asked, “What is the most economical printer?”

The answer to that is not cut and dried, but I’ll get to that later.

For those who want a quick answer, I would have to say the most economical printer for home and small office use is the Fuji Xerox Docuprint P265dw at $105 with printouts costing less than 2c each when you buy the compatible cartridges in bulk. That’s great value compared to cheaper printers which can cost up to 20c per page to print.

The Docuprint 265dw is a powerful little printer which boasts a 30 page per minute print speed, is Wi-Fi enabled, print resolution of 2400 x 600, and is AirPrint and Google Cloud Print compatible so you can print directly from your  Apple or Android devices so it’s great value. Students will love the small space it takes up on their desk too.

Now for the long answer.

As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive the printer the cheaper the cost per page.

However, the most economical printer for you depends on various factors, which include:

  • The number of pages you print per month;
  • What you are printing;
  • How many people are using the printer; and
  • The quality you expect.

My recommendations?

Canon Pixma MG2560

Canon Pixma MG2560, a very cheap printer.

If you print just 10-20 pages per month a cheap printer is all you need. Although the cost per page is higher you aren’t printing much, so to spend more on a printer to get a lower cost per page just wouldn’t make sense. The Canon Pixma MG2560 costs just $39 and it would take you around 18 months to use up the high yield cartridges, meaning an effective cost of less than $6 per month.

Fuji Xerox Docuprint P265dw

Fuji Xerox Docuprint P265dw, great value mono laser.

If you print 100-500 pages per month, the small Canon printer would quickly clean out your wallet. If you can forgo colour printing (or use a print service when you just have to print in colour), the  Fuji Xerox Docuprint P265dw at $105 would be perfect for you. While it has a higher initial cost, the total cost of ownership (which includes a much lower cost per page, less than 2c)  would quickly work out less than a cheaper printer.


Kyocera P5021cdn

Kyocera P5021cdn, the choice for small offices/home offices

If you just have to have colour printing and you are printing 100-500 pages per month, have a look at the Kyocera P5021cdn printer which we sell for $229. After you’ve used up the toner that comes with the printer, a full set of replacements costs $346.50. That may sound like a lot but you will yield 1200 full-colour pages which work out at 28c each and mono pages for 6c each. If that cost per page is too high for you, opt for the high-yield toners at $470.80 for the set. You will be able to print around 2200 pages and the cost per page drops to 22c per page for full-colour and 6c each for mono. The added advantage of this Kyocera printer is that it has a 2-year on-site warranty which in and of itself is excellent value and will save you should anything go wrong. You also don’t need to buy any further consumables, such as drums, belts, and rollers, for the Kyocera like you do with most other brands.


Kyocera P6035cdn

Kyocera P6035cdn, for when you print more pages per month.

If you are printing between 500 and 1000 pages per month I recommend a heavier duty printer, the Kyocera P6035dn printer. A bit pricier at $829, however, buying the full set of toners drops your colour cost per page to just 11c each and your mono cost per page to 2c each. Once again, the 2 year onsite warranty is a winner as well as the auto duplexing. The ability to print on both sides of the paper will also lower your paper costs, saving you even more.


For heavier users

If you print 1000+ pages per month I would suggest going on a printer plan. This involves a monthly payment and in return, you receive the printer, all toners and consumables, and on-site service. If you’d like to find out more, call the Printzone printer specialist Marc on 1300 782 636.



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