Kyocera have released a new range of printers and multifunctions, and today I’d like to take a look at the two most basic models. Although I said basic, Kyocera printers are hardly that. Even their so-called low-end machines have some of the most advanced features in the industry, such as ceramic coated drums, user-focused design, and energy efficient components.

The ECOSYS P2040dw at $309.00 is the perfect mono printer for small offices or at home, coming with wi-fi as standard so you can print out from devices anywhere around the office wirelessly.

If you’re after something a little cheaper, you can trade the flexibility of wi-fi and connect to your fixed office network with the ECOSYS P2040dn at just $279.00.

You will never complain about the speed of the printing from either of these machines, they take less than 6.5 seconds to first page and then shoot out prints at a blistering fast 40 pages per minute. Stack up the paper in the 250 sheet paper cassette for uninterrupted printing, with the capability to add another one or two 250 sheet paper feeders for even longer intervals between paper loading. Extra paper trays also make it easy to use different kinds of paper such as pre-printed letterheads and forms, and different paper sizes.

Internationally acclaimed, these printers were awarded a Good Design Award (hosted by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion) in late 2016, not only for their simple and compact design but also for their usability–including low-noise operations and an easy-to-change toner cartridge. The evaluation by the judges stated: “The products are characterized by their downsized design and low-noise operations, as well as by operational efficiency, incorporating a remote setting tool with many functions, including a batch setting capability. The casing is compact and the operation panel is clear and easy to use. The entire design, including operability and ease of maintenance, is well considered to ensure smooth document-related tasks.”

This was followed up in early 2017 by the awarding of the iF DESIGN AWARD (sponsored by the iF International Forum Design GmbH) to the P2040 printer, not only for its design which centred on long-life as a feature of product development, waste and printing cost reduction, but also for its simple design and operability which considered the user.

Not many printers can accept accolades such as these!

Another superb feature of these two printers is automatic duplexing which will print on both sides of the page, which not only saves time but paper too, and that helps your bottom line and the environment.

If you’ve never considered Kyocera printers before, one thing that may change your mind is their low total cost of ownership. One example of the way they achieve that is ceramic drums, which due to their unique design only need replacing every 100,000 pages. Brilliant! Another is their long-life TK1164 toner which will print around 7,200 pages, so you won’t be changing cartridges very often. If you want even better value, we also sell these in a 3-pack, giving you 21,600 pages.

Still not convinced? Kyocera have so much faith in the quality of their printers that they offer a two-year on-site warranty. If something goes wrong and they can’t talk you through it over the phone, they’ll send out a technician to fix it. Simple. This ensures you have total peace of mind and can be confident you’ve made the right choice of printer.

For fast mono printing at a low cost per page, from a solid printer at a reasonable price, you can’t go past these new Kyocera printers.

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