Lexmark were the innovators when it came to the huge all-in-one market, they were the first to mass market inkjet multifunctions. Now they have come up with a new innovation – a photo printer with inbuilt CD burner! The Lexmark P450 is also unique in another way – it cannot be hooked up to a computer and has no printer drivers available.

This has to be a revolution in the printer industry at it’s most basic. There are many people who only use their printer for printing digital photos, so why do they need a computer? This can only expand the digital photo industry. This printer, and the others that follow it, will bring more and more people into the digital photo realm.

The P450 is roughly 15cm x 28cm x 23cm, so has quite a small footprint. It comes with a 2.4″ LCD screen for previewing photos. It prints onto photo size paper using a tricolour 18C0033A or 18C0035A cartridge. Photos can printed from all major camera memory cards, USB flash, PictBridge, CD (of course) and optional Bluetooth. You cannot print from your computer to this printer! Prints are borderless. Photos can be burnt to CD on the inbuilt CD burner. The CDs can continue to be burnt to until they are full, over several sessions if need be.

The only thing to watch is that this is a strictly home use printer – it is not a rugged machine and has a duty cycle of only 500 pages per month.

Looks like Lexmark are onto a winner with this class of printer – watch out for similar products from the other manufacturers if this printer experiences strong sales. Look for the Lexmark P450 in a computer store near you.

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