What are the main differences between OEM print cartridges and compatible print cartridges? The main difference is the price; compatible print cartridges are cheaper than OEM print cartridges, but what about the quality? Let’s examine OEM and compatible cartridges and toners.

OEM cartridge

An OEM cartridge is an Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridge, all the major brands produce their own cartridges and toners. If you have a Canon printer, then you would buy a Canon OEM cartridge.

Remanufactured cartridge

You can also buy remanufactured print cartridges; these are when the manufacturer replaces or repairs any worn parts from an OEM cartridge. They are thoroughly tested and filled with toner, then resold.

Compatible cartridge

A compatible print cartridge is made by third party manufacturers and all the parts are made by compatible manufacturers. The design of these compatible cartridges are similar to the OEM cartridges with similar quality.

The advantages and disadvantages of buying OEM print cartridges

There are two factors to consider when buying print cartridges, cost and quality. An OEM print cartridge will cost more than a compatible cartridge, but the quality of the cartridge will be higher and will have a lower failure rate. If you need the best quality of print, then an OEM is the best choice. The manufacturers always advise to use their cartridges, but this depends on your printing needs and it is not strictly true that a compatible will harm your printer.

The advantages and disadvantages of buying compatible print cartridges

The main advantage of compatible cartridges is the lower cost per unit, if don’t need to use OEM cartridges for high-quality printing, these make an ideal choice.  Compatible and remanufactured print cartridges are available for virtually all printers and are usually half the price or less than OEM cartridges.

Another factor to consider is the environment, a recycled or remanufactured print cartridge is more environmentally friendly. Rather than just using a print cartridge once, we can re-use them or take them back in exchange for another compatible cartridge. The print quality of these cartridges is almost as good as an OEM cartridge.

The main disadvantage of using compatible print cartridges is that the quality will be lower than OEM print cartridges. The manufacturing process and quality control is not always as good as the original cartridge manufacturers. You should always buy from an established retailer such as Printzone, we guarantee the quality of all our compatible cartridges.

The verdict

It all depends on your printing needs which type of print cartridge you need to buy and use. If you need high-quality prints, an OEM print cartridge will be best for you. If you need large volumes of printing and quality of the printing is not an issue, a compatible cartridge will be ideal for you.

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