Last year Epson stopped making their excellent panoramic photo paper leaving a big hole in the market. Now none of the major vendors are supplying photo paper for printing panorama style. But all is not lost! There are still a couple of options for printing panoramic photos:

1) Printing on A4 or A3 photo paper and then trimming to shape; or
2) Printing using an Epson printer that takes roll paper

1) is relatively easy – make your panoramic photo using a series of shots and stitching them together (there is an excellent tutorial on PCWorld’s site), then print onto an A4 or A3 sheet. If your software or printer driver allows it, print along the top or bottom of the page then flip the paper around 180 degrees and print another panoramic photo on the other half of the paper. What you will need is a way to crop the photos after they have been printed – either a steel rule, sharp hobby knife and a steady hand; or a small guillotine or paper trimmer from your local office supply store.

2) requires one of the Epson papers which takes Epson roll paper. Epson roll paper is photo paper on a roll – it comes in various sizes but the one to use for panoramic photos would be part number S041302, Epson’s 100mm x 8 metre Premium Glossy Photo Paper. This will give you panoramic photos roughly the width of a normal photo (and whatever length you want which is within the printer driver’s capabilities). A couple of Epson printers which take the roll paper are the R800 and the R1800.

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