It’s true! Toshiba released an erasable toner in December 2003. The toner can be used to print on paper which after use can then be treated to be made blank again.

Toshiba’s eBlue toner is blue colour to distinguish it from normal toner. Toshiba also released a pen and marker which can also be erased with the special heat treatment.

Obviously it hasn’t been a big hit as there is but one reference to it on the web. At a price of around $120 for 1 toner, PLUS $420 for the special photoconductor unit to go with it, PLUS $1.80 for each special marker pen (how many would you need in an office?) PLUS an undisclosed price for the special machine to erase the toner, you would have be the totally dedicated greenie to use the system!

More details here.

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