The Samsung CLX-3160FN multifunction machine has so many features, I don’t know where to begin!

First of all, you can print, scan, copy and fax full colour documents using this machine.

Pretty cool I thought was the USB slot in the front for printing direct from a USB key (or PictBridge direct from your camera if you prefer). You can also use the USB key to store scans off the CLX-3160FN!

Cartridges are just too easy to change, just flip open the front lid and they are accessible.

The machine is extremely quiet using Samsung’s proprietary technology.

If you want to print poster size, this machine will take an A4 sheet and copy it to 16 x A4 sheets for you to assemble into a large poster. The Samsung CLX-3160FN will also do N-up printing and clone copying.

The Samsung CLX-3160FN toner cartridges are the same as the Samsung CLP-300 toner cartridges, so if you have them mixed in your office you only need to purchase one set to fit them both. There is also a full set of Samsung CLX-3160FN toners which are more economical than buying them individually.

Also available is a second sheet feeder which will increase the paper capacity by 250 sheets.

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