Today we had the opportunity to look at the new Samsung SPP-2040 Photo Printer. This printer is a dye sublimation printer, which means it doesn’t use ink cartridges but a film with the colours impregnated. The unit is very sleek and looks great, not taking up much room – until you add the paper tray that is. Then it looks like an ugly duckling! Once you’ve finished with printing though you can pack the cover away and it will look great again.

Photo quality is very nice as is expected from a dye sub printer, colours are laid one on top of another to build up the image. Each photo takes about a minute to print which is OK if you only need to do a few but may be too much if you have 1-200 to do. The Samsung SPP-2020 and SPP-2040 don’t need a computer to print photos, you can just hook up your camera using Pictbridge and off it goes, however the SPP-2020 doesn’t have a preview LCD screen like the SPP-2040 so will need to use the camera’s screen do decide which to print. The printers print onto 100 x 150mm photo paper.

The software that comes with the printer is PhotoThru, and includes both Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.3 and above versions. The software formats everything automatically making photos easy to print.

Overall these 2 printers are great, the only drawbacks being the ugliness of the paper tray, the not so fast printing and that the paper tray holds only 20 sheets – however the superb quality of the prints really counter that. If you need quality but not speed, this is the photo printer for you.

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