Samsung C460FW Box

The printer comes in a very impressive box.

Yesterday we received our demo model Samsung Xpress SL-C460FW Colour Multifunction Printer from Samsung, and we were quite excited! We’ve been looking forward to checking out the NFC capabilities of this machine. NFC stands for Near Field Communications. What is that I hear you say? Basically it means you can have an image, document or email open on a compatible mobile phone and you just tap the printer with said phone and the image, document or email will print.

Undoubtedly this is extremely useful, no messing around with wireless networks or print drivers or other apps on your phone.

Unfortunately the only phones which can take advantage of NFC printing on this printer are current model Samsung phones, so no luck if you have an iPhone or other type of phone. All is not lost though, because there is a Samsung Mobile Print App available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, so you can print to this Samsung with your Android or Apple phone or tablet.

Samsung SL-C460FW

The Samsung SL-C460FW is sleek and stylish.

Once we unpacked our printer we were impressed with the small footprint, happy it would not be taking up too much space on our desk. It’s amazing Samsung can fit a document fed scanner, colour printer, fax machine and copier into such a compact unit. As you can see from the photo it looks very sleek and stylish. The two tone finish would look great in any office.

Installation was fairly straightforward. The installation instructions came on a large double sided sheet of paper with clear diagrams. We just followed the instructions step by step. We decided to install this on our Apple Mac because that is where we print most of our colour documents from but the printer will quite happily install on a PC as well. Once we plugged the cables in we popped the CD that comes in the box into the DVD drive o the computer and selected the install file. It was very seamless and easy.

We installed via USB, but you also have the option to print to this printer via network cable or wireless network (or NFC!) as well. Once we had set up our Samsung phone (instructions for that are included with the printer as well) the NFC worked exactly as promised.

Our first print was brilliant – a stunning colour graphic, all the colours were correct and the image had a nice glossy finish. Second we printed out a photo which, while not of course up to fine inkjet standards, was nonetheless excellent quality. I think if we tweak the settings a little more we can up that quality too.

The print engine is the same as that used in several earlier Samsung colour laser printers, which is good news if you are upgrading because you can use the toners from your compatible old printer in this one. This printer comes with a complete set of toners already installed.

If you want to buy this printer, we have it at a great price here.

Click here if you need toner cartridges for this printer.



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