Ever wondered what happens when you press that Confirm Order button on the Printzone website?

As soon as that happens, during business hours, we are notified that there is a new order. We open up your order and check what is on it. We then check the stock levels of the printer cartridges you’ve ordered at the warehouse nearest to your address. If no stock, we check the second closest warehouse, and so on (but we usually have plenty of stock in every warehouse!). We then check what size your parcel will be once it is picked and packed, and assign the most suitable carrier and delivery method to get you your order the quickest way possible.

Once we’ve decided that, we send the order to be printed out at the chosen warehouse. One of the warehouse staff takes the order off the printer and picks your order, placing it into a large plastic tub so no items get dropped or missed.

Printzone Warehouse

Picking and packing at the warehouse

To make life easy, all our products have a numbered location in the warehouse so they can be easily found, and if you have ordered several items they are listed on the picking slip in the order they can be found on the shelves so that our warehouse staff don’t have to backtrack, thus saving time.

Once your order has been picked, it is then checked to ensure the correct items have been included, and if correct, is then packed very well so it won’t be damaged in transit. A label is printed with all your address details and any special delivery instructions, then checked for accuracy, then stuck to your order. Your parcel is then placed in the courier’s corresponding bay and area cage (i.e. NSW, Victoria, North Queensland etc) ready for pickup.

So far, we’ve taken about 20 minutes!

Printzone Courier

We partner with Toll Couriers for many deliveries

Printzone Australia Post

We partner with Australia Post for some deliveries

Between 4.30 and 5.30 in the afternoon, the various couriers arrive to collect the parcels. They are taken to the respective couriers’ regional depot for sorting. Some orders will travel by air (size permitting), some will travel by road (to regional areas) and some will be transferred to local couriers if they are to be delivered in the same city. The parcels that go by air and road travel overnight to the nearest capital city or large regional area, arriving early in the morning before dawn ready for sorting into local couriers areas. The local couriers load up their vans around 7am and travel to their designated delivery areas, and somewhere on their run your order will be delivered!