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The art of printing has evolved over time. The concept came into being when people started using stamps to print on fabric and paper. It further evolved into a machine that did the stamping. The first movable type printing press that came into being was started by Johannes Guttenberg in the year 1440. The rest as we say, is history! Gutenberg’s type printing press led to a printing revolution and the concept of printing has since then, evolved continuously.

At one point in time ink printers became the rage. They were the new kid on the block! It seemed almost miraculous that a machine could print that well, so easily. While ink printers are still very much in use, printing technology has taken another giant leap into its future; the newest technology being laser printing. Laser printers offer higher quality of prints within a smaller amount of time. Printing through laser has changed the face of printing as we knew it. In order to understand how, it is essential to first understand how they work.

While inkjet printers use miniscule jets of ink to make prints on paper, laser printing is done by using a focused light beam that draws or writes on the paper. So how does a laser printer take data in its digital form and create text and images on to paper? The cylinder or drum is an important component that conducts static electricity in a way that when the cylinder revolves, a laser beam activates certain points on it that are then able to lose its charge. The toner is then applied to the drum and it works sort of like a stamp that prints on the paper below.

While the laser printer uses positive and negative charges to function, it is impossible for it to work without the toner. Toner is a powdery substance made out of iron oxide, carbon, sugar and a polymer. This powdery substance is what is discharged onto the paper to make the actual print. The thing to understand here is that toner is the life blood of the printer. Without toner there can be no print.

Toner is available in the form of cartridges that contain cyan, black, magenta and yellow. These colors are mixed in various proportions within the printer to create almost any other color. Therefore, in order to make the most out of your laser printer it is essential that you use only the best quality toner that is available in the market. Canon is one of the leading manufacturers of printers and Genuine Canon toner cartridges are some of the best quality toner cartridges that you will find.

In this age where the most time consuming tasks can be performed with the click of a button, time is what is valued most, be it professionally or personally. Technology has brought us to a point where it can help save time, energy and resources. Some of life’s most inane chores are now performed with a simple click. Then where is the need to spend endless precious hours of our time trying to procure the things we need? Making purchases through the internet is the way to do it! Every single product that is required is now made available through the web. The information available on the internet is limitless. This is the era where shopping is not hard but smart.

Printzone is one of Australia’s most reputable online supplier’s for printing products. We have built a reputation for ourselves that gives us great credibility within the market. At Printzone we provide you with the most efficient, prompt and consumer friendly shopping experience that we can.  Our delivery networks are spread widely across Australia with warehouses located in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. These delivery systems and warehouses make us capable of being able to provide our clients with the best services that we possibly can.

At our website you will be able to find a treasure of the best quality printing supplies in all of Australia. We believe that providing our clients with variety and extraordinary services is a duty. In an effort to make your shopping experience with Printzone a pleasurable one, we have created a user friendly website which is easy to navigate through.

Having made up your mind about what products you want to purchase, supplies can easily be bought through the internet. Printzone is the single largest online supplier of printing supplies in Australia. Finding your preferred products through our website is easy and convenient. Finding Genuine Canon toner cartridges has never been simpler!

At our website we list the latest products and bring to you the best deals, so that shopping is easy on your pockets. Our pages are updated regularly to bring you the latest deals and offers, so you can save while you shop. You not only save time and energy but also some serious cash

Another thing that makes people hesitate to shop online are the seemingly complicated payment systems. At Printzone you needn’t worry about a thing. Our payment systems are 100% secure. You can choose your preferred mode of payment. We accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Diner’s club, American express and even direct payments into our accounts.

Our delivery networks ensure the safety and prompt delivery of your orders, right to your doorstep. We have warehouses in all major Australian cities i.e. Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. Of these Sydney is our biggest hub and therefore, our preferred location for deliveries. We also supply our products to a number of local printing supply vendors.

While purchasing toner cartridges for your printer, it is always important that you prefer company designed cartridges that are made to be compatible with your printing machine. By purchasing high quality, company approved toner cartridges you not only ensure high quality prints but also add to the life of your printer. Good quality printer cartridges can substantially increase the life of your printing equipment.

Our website has been designed to provide you with all the information you need before and after making a purchase. Our patrons provide us reviews on the products that they use and that information is available to you so that you may be able to discuss and make an informed decision. We also welcome inputs from our clients so as to stay on top of our game!

The idea is to make shopping for printing supplies easy and convenient for you! You can browse through our large selection of products on our website that is easily navigable, find the required products using our efficient search filters, read reviews about the product, make the purchase, make convenient payments through the various payment options that we offer. The rest is up to us. We deliver as quickly and safely as we possibly can

At Printzone we have organized a highly trained and efficient delivery network. The staff is prompt, trained and reliable. Through our website you may be able to find deals that suit you and save money on your purchases. It is our priority to ensure that your products are delivered safely and promptly to your doorstep.

Of the many available toner cartridges Canon is one of the leading brands. Canon toner cartridges are high quality and standardized across the world. These cartridges do not only offer high quality prints but are also affordable and pocket friendly. Over time the Canon toner cartridges end up paying for themselves.

Looking for particular toner cartridges? Printzone is the place for you. We not only provide products through our website but also supply to many local businesses across Australia. We enjoy a market reputation that has been built over time. Ours are some of the most reliable services in Australia.

You may find the highest quality printing supplies at Printzone. We provide ink cartridges, toner cartridges, solid ink etc. at extremely competitive rates. Avail of faster deliveries all across Australia. We price our products at the best rates for you. We offer the best deals on printing supplies and other products, all in one place.

It is important to keep up with the times. Today physically running around to find a product that you need is nothing but a futile activity. Everything that you may need is available sitting right at home and at the click of a button. There is greater information about products available over the internet. Making an informed decision is much easier now with the coming of the information age.

Unlike actual stores, web stores do not have check-out lines. No more waiting around to make your final purchase. Make convenient payments and have the products delivered right to your chosen location. Making purchases is simple and convenient with Printzone.

So if you are on the lookout for a simple and convenient place where you are sure to find what you are looking for, you are already at the right place. Ours is one of the largest stock of printing supplies in all of Australia. Come do a little purchasing with us!

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