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Printzone Dell colour toner cartridges

Here at, we take pride with being considered as the number 1 supplier of Dell colour toner cartridges in Australia. We started our business in 1999. Since then, we have grown our business to become Australia’s leading provider of toner cartridges all over the country. As the industry leader, we provide high quality products and excellent customer service. We make sure that products are delivered timely to our customers.

We understand that printing is an essential function of most businesses today. With a premium quality of toner cartridge, our business customers can be assured that they could have superb quality printouts at the least amount of time and cost. With a wide variety of high quality products in our inventory, you can be assured that all of your printing needs are satisfied.

Dell Printer Supplies

Dell is best known for high performing laptops and desktop computers. It is one of the leading brands in the computer manufacturing industry. Dell also makes printers for quite some time. Although, Dell printers are not considered as the leading brand in the printer industry, many customers prefer to purchase a full set of Dell products. If you happen to have a Dell computer and you need to purchase a toner for your Dell printer, Printzone has it for you. Here at, we offer you a wide variety of Dell toners to suit your needs.

We offer two types of cartridges for our customers:

-       Dell toner cartridges

-       Compatible Dell toners. While these toners are not authentic Dell products, they still work perfectly with your Dell printers.

Choosing the type of cartridge for your office is not really that complicated. It depends on your budget and preference. If brand matters to you, then you should opt for the genuine toner cartridges by Dell. However, if you have a tight budget and you wanted the same quality as the genuine Dell toners, you should go for our compatible Dell colour toner cartridge. While these alternative cartridges are cheaper than the original ones, there is not much difference in terms of the quality of printouts.

Our Major Dell categories

We have four categories of toner cartridges here at These are:

-       Dell toner cartridge – This is the ideal choice for your Dell printer. It produces high quality printouts that would impress the most hard to please clients. It is also a high performing cartridge. You can be assured that your printer runs smoothly and trouble-free regardless of the volume of the workload. With this toner, you can have crystal clear printouts in seconds!

-       Compatible Dell toner – This toner comes with a cheaper price than the original Dell toner, but there is not much difference in terms of the quality of printouts. You could have clear, crisp and fine printouts at a lower price. There is also no difference in terms of performance. With this toner, you could have thousands of pages of printed documents without any problems of your printer. With high quality prints and performance, you could not go wrong with the compatible Dell toner.  

-       Dell colour toner cartridge – You can have excellent documents from this Dell toner. You can have fine, bright and clear printouts that would impress your clients. In addition to its HD-type printouts, you’ll be amazed with its performance. It can print thousands of pages in one setting without any glitch or setback in performance. It has everything you need for a toner. Crisp, fine, clear and bright printouts in a matter of seconds, all thanks to Dell colour toner cartridge!

-       Compatible Dell colour toner – You do not have to pay a hefty price tag for high quality prints. You can have them now with the compatible Dell colour toner. With this alternative toner, you could have clear and crisp printouts that you can confidently show to your clients. While this toner comes with a cheaper price, there is no difference in terms of quality and performance. You could print thousands of high quality printouts at a go.

Printzone also offers the genuine Dell Print Drum cartridge. You can use this with your Dell printer cartridge to generate ultra-sharp and crisp printed documents using the Dell laser printer. With this combination, you can have amazing printouts at optimal capacity. Regardless of the number of pages, you will have a smoothly running printer producing great printouts. The Dell Print Drum cartridge also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. You can be assured that you’ll make the right choice with this cartridge.

Whether you have a coloured printer or a black-and-white printer, you will have everything you need at Printzone.

 Why Printzone?

Choose Printzone because we have what you need at reasonable prices. We could ship them to you anywhere in Australia. What is more amazing is that for every order exceeding $99, the shipping cost is free.

If you encounter problems with your printer, come to us at With our attentive and friendly customer representatives, they could assist you in choosing the right product that you need and ship it to you as soon as possible. We understand that time is important to you. Thus, we ensure that you could have your order on time.

The Final Verdict…

There is no better retailer of printer products than From office supplies to large scale company supplies, we have them for you when you need them. We have a wide selection of the best printing products at a reasonable price. On top of that, we also offer regular special offers and irresistible deals. You could save a lot of money is you choose to shop at Printzone. We are the consistent top supplier of printing products. Shop now at Printzone! 


Buy with confidence at Printzone. We've been in the printer cartridge business since 1999 and have served tens of thousands of customers just like you. Why do people keep coming back to Printzone? Because we've built a reputation for superior customer service, a wide range, and keen prices. Printer cartridges are in our blood and you can enjoy the convenience of ordering online or over the phone.