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This Original Canon PFI106 Cyan Ink Cartridge is for professionals in the graphic, fine art, photography and proofing markets that seek the highest possible standards for quality-control and image reproduction. This cartridge is one cartridge in the 12-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set, which produces an incredibly large color spectrum and also supplies also provides better scratch resistance and smoother gradations.

Canon's LUCIA EX Ink set is designed for dramatic photographic expression and detailed color reproduction for exacting proofing applications. This 12-Color ink set offers a brilliant range of vibrant colors, smooth gradations and transitions, with incredibly fine details. This specially formulated ink also offers better scratch resistance, superb black reproduction and exceptional color stability compared to its predecessor. Combined with the printer's technologies, the LUCIA EX inks have the ability to satisfy the demanding needs of the Photographic, Fine Art, Proofing and Graphics professionals. The LUCIA EX Ink system excels in reproducing colors in the blue, red, purple, yellow and green spectral ranges, providing an exceptionally large color gamut. Vibrant, rich colors with unsurpassed detail and crisp, clean monotone images make this ink set essential for incredible photo quality output.

  • Suitable for the selected Canon Large Format Printers listed.
  • Genuine Canon ink cartridges ensure optimum output.
  • Leverage your investment by printing the highest quality posters, point of sale items and other projects. Minimise waste and downtime.
  • Full manufacturers warranty from Canon for your total peace of mind.
  • Works together with Canon's sophisticated print-head technology and software for accurate colour matching.
  • Canon Product Code: PFI-106C (Previously PFI-105C)

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Product Model: PFI106C
Manufacturer: Canon
Product Type: Genuine Ink Cartridge
Yield: 130ml Yield Information
Price: $129.00 inc. GST
Availability: In stock
Suitable for:
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6300  
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6300s  
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6350  
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6400  
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450  
Product Type Description:

Genuine ink cartridges are made by the original equipment manufacturer for their own machines. For example, HP genuine ink cartridges are made for HP printers. These are the cartridges recommended by each machine manufacturer to specifically fit in their machines.

Genuine ink cartridges usually provide the best colour matching and longevity of prints.

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Confirm the message

When the ink level becomes low, a message is displayed on the Display Screen.
According to the message, replace the ink tank or prepare a new ink tank.

Check the message

If a message requests you to replace an Ink Tank, press the OK button. In this case, you can skip the step Access
the menu for ink tank replacement. Follow the instructions in Remove the ink tanks.

Press OK button

• Do not remove an Ink Tank during initialization immediately after turning on the printer, or during printhead cleaning.
Ink may leak out.
• Ink Tank replacement is possible even during printing, when print jobs are being canceled, or when paper is being advanced.


Access the menu for Ink Tank replacement

  1. On the Tab Selection screen of the Control Panel, press â—€ or â–¶ to select the Ink tab (Ink logo ).

    Select the ink tab
    Note • If the Tab Selection screen is not displayed, press the Menu button.

  2. Press the OK button.
    The Ink Menu is displayed.

  3. Press â–² or â–¼ to select Rep. Ink Tank, and then press the OK button.
    A message on the Display Screen requests you to open the Ink Tank Cover. Remove the Ink Tank at this point.

Remove the Ink Tanks

  1. Open the Ink Tank Cover and check the ink lamps.
    Ink lamps flash when there is little ink left.

    Open ink tank cover

  2. Press the tip of the Ink Tank Lock Lever of the color for replacement horizontally and lift the Ink Tank
    Lock Lever to open it.

    Open lock lever

  3. Hold the Ink Tank by the grips and remove it. Press the OK button.

    Remove ink tank

    • If there is still ink in the Ink Tank you removed, store it with the ink holes (a) facing up. Otherwise, ink may leak and cause stains. Put the Ink Tank in a plastic bag and seal it.

    Keep holes up

    • Dispose of used ink tanks according to local regulations.

Installing Ink Tanks

  1. Before opening the pouch, gently agitate the Ink Tank seven or eight times. Agitate the ink in the Ink Tank by slowly rotating the Ink Tank upside-down and right side up repeatedly.

    Rotate ink tanks

    • After installing an ink tank, do not remove and shake it. Doing so may cause the ink to leak out.
    • If you do not agitate the Ink Tank, the ink may settle, which may affect printing quality.

  2. Open the pouch and remove the Ink Tank.

    Open pouch

    • Never touch the ink holes or electrical contacts. This may cause stains, damage the Ink Tank, and affect printing quality.

  3. Press the OK button and install the Ink Tank into the holder as shown, with the ink holes facing down.

    Insert ink tank

    • Ink tanks cannot be installed in the holder if the color or orientation is incorrect.
    If the Ink Tank does not fit in the holder, do not force it in. Make sure that the color of the Ink Tank Lock Lever matches the color of the Ink Tank and check the orientation of the Ink Tank before reinstalling it.

    Check orientation


  4. Push the Ink Tank Lock Lever closed until it clicks into place

    Lock lever in place

    • If a 130 ml (4.4 fl oz) ink tank is installed facing the wrong direction, the rotating part of the Ink Tank Lock Lever come out of place. If this happens, open the Ink Tank Lock Lever to return it to the proper position.

    Return lock lever to proper position

  5. Make sure the Ink Lamp is lit in red.

    Make sure red light is on
    • If the Ink Lamp is not lit, reinstall the tank.

  6. Close the Ink Tank Cover.

    Close the ink tank cover


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Genuine Canon PFI106C Cyan Ink Cartridge

Enjoy great prices and quick delivery when you order Genuine Canon PFI106C Cyan Ink Cartridge from Printzone
Canon state that this cartridge is good for at least 130ml. Of course this depends on many factors, which is explained here

What type of product is the Genuine Canon PFI106C Cyan Ink Cartridge?

The Genuine Canon PFI106C Cyan Ink Cartridge product type is Genuine Ink Cartridge and is manufactured by Canon.

Genuine ink cartridges are made by the original equipment manufacturer for their own machines. For example, HP genuine ink cartridges are made for HP printers. These are the cartridges recommended by each machine manufacturer to specifically fit in their machines.

Genuine ink cartridges usually provide the best colour matching and longevity of prints.

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Genuine Canon PFI106C Cyan Ink Cartridge Warranty

The Genuine Canon PFI106C Cyan Ink Cartridge comes with a full manufacturers warranty from Canon! If you think your Genuine Ink Cartridge is faulty, give us a call - we'll try and fix the problem over the phone, and if we can't, we'll organise a replacement or refund. See our warranty information page

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