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Hewlett Packard (HP) is the leader in printers, ranking number one in the world. It's no surprise, the length and breadth off their experience with printers is unrivalled. They spent a lot of time and money developing inkjet printing in the early 1980s, not realising that Canon were already well on their way to patenting their bubble jet printer. HP came to an arrangement with Canon so that they could release the HP Thinkjet printer in 1984. That same year they also released the first desktop laser printer, the HP Laserjet. Yes, just Laserjet! It was a 8 page per minute 300dpi (today's lasers are 1200 or 2400dpi) quiet printer which replaced the commonplace noisy and slow dot matrix office printers at the time, and sold for $3495.00 with cartridges costing $300.00, around $8000.00 and $680.00 in today's money.

HP now produces a huge range of ink printers and multifunctions, laser printers and multifunctions (both mono and colour) and wide format printers. We stock the full range of HP printer cartridges for these machines. You can choose your printer using the selector to find exactly the cartridges you need.

In most cases when choosing your model, you can generally ignore these suffixes as they merely denote the options on the HP printer.

  • D can stand for Direct (WinPrinter), as in P1606dn which requires a host-based driver, while the P1606n is backwards compatible and supports PCL5.
  • D can stand for a duplexer, enabling automatic double-sided printing.
  • DTN see X
  • MFP for multi function printer, usually copy scan print but also sometimes fax.
  • T for an additional paper-tray (enables two different paper types to be kept available, or in certain models, to load paper while the printer is printing). (Some D models, with no T suffix, had two trays built in, as did the LaserJet 500 Plus.)
  • S for a Paper Stacker, a device which increases the output bin capacity.
  • N for built-in, MIO or EIO slot JetDirect (network) card and usually also PostScript
  • W for built-in wireless network card
  • H for High-capacity (heavy-duty model, sometimes combined with M to indicate Heavy Media)
  • L for Light (only 1 paper tray)
  • P for Personal, meant for "personal or small workgroup" use
  • ph+ for Paper handling (e.g. Stapler-stacker), or S/SL for stapler/stacker.
  • M for Macintosh (PostScript module and Mini DIN-8 serial port present); also extra memory to support PostScript (as in 4M/4M Plus)
  • V for 11-inch wide paper path, to support 8.5x11R and 11"x17" paper. (as in 4MV)
  • X for combination duplexing, networkable printer with additional tray. Replaced the DTN suffix.
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